The Agape Singers – Accompanied By Angels

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  1. BUY MP3 – Messah
  2. BUY MP3 – Before The Sun Burned Bright
  3. BUY MP3 – Be Still
  4. BUY MP3 – More Precious than Silver-I Exalt Thee
  5. BUY MP3 – Gently She Carries
  6. BUY MP3 – Healer of My Soul
  7. BUY MP3 – The Angel Song
  8. BUY MP3 – Medley-Surely the Presence of the Lord is in this Place-Holy Ground-Standing on Holy Ground
  9. BUY MP3 – Holy is His Name
  10. BUY MP3 – Shine Jesus Shine
  11. BUY MP3 – Spirit Song
  12. BUY MP3 – Alleluia


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Accompanied By Angels

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