I’m A Honky Tonk Daddy

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  1. When Im OutHonky Tonkin With You-Lou Millet
  2. I Cant Go On-Jim And Johnny
  3. Send Her Here TO Be Mine-Left Frizzell
  4. Lost Love Blues-Lefty Frizzell
  5. Thats Me Without You-LeftyFrizzell
  6. Bayou Boogie-Benny Fruge
  7. The Life That Im Living-Tommy Hill
  8. I must Leave You-Tommy and Kenny Hill
  9. Baby Leave Your Troubles At Home-Joey Gills
  10. Go On And Leave My Baby Alone-Smokey Stover
  11. If You Didnt, Dont, Cause It Ain-Lou Millet
  12. Im A Honky Tonk Daddy-Wink Lewis
  13. Will You Will Or Will You Wont-Mack Hamilton
  14. Old Mr Moon-Jimmie Lee Durden
  15. Should I Should Or Should I Shouldnt-Jamie Lee Durden
  16. Im A Cry Cry Baby-Lynn Howard
  17. Shes My Five Foot Five-Bill Hutto
  18. If You Think You Got Troubles-Bill Hutto
  19. It Wasnt God Who Make Honky Tonk Angels=Al Montgomery
  20. Open Strings-Feature House Band


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