Camey Doucet – Cajun Gentleman’s Greatest Hits

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  1. Me and My Cousin
  2. Im Lonesome
  3. Cajun Queen
  4. An Apple A Day
  5. Thats What Hurts Me
  6. Pistol Packin Mama
  7. Mom, I’m Still Your Little Boy
  8. Barsay Swingin
  9. My Heart Says It Loves You
  10. Cajun Jig
  11. One Day At a Time
  12. Man On The Roadside
  13. Jai Pa Six Pied Grand
  14. Grand Gueydan
  15. Hell Take Care of Me
  16. Pierre & The Squirrelly Squirrels
  17. Wedding March
  18. Its All Over

Produced By: Camey Doucet for Master-Trak Enterprises
Recorded At: Master-Trak Sound Recorders Crowly, LA
Engineered By: Mark Miller & Kevin Stelly
Graphics By
: Lee Benoit
Release Year
: 1997

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